Does ISO 27001 actually improve data security

If you’re a manager or an owner of a company, you must’ve come by ISO 27001 at some point of your career. Everyone talks about information security now like it was the most important thing for any business and the fact is that it is actually true – without proper ISMS and information security, companies could sink to the bottom of the market in the matter of seconds. Some might argue that ISO 27001 is not the only thing that can ensure information safety and that the implementation process for the standard is more work than it is actually worth. Let’s try and debunk that by proving that implementing ISO 27001 is in fact the best thing you can do to improve your data security.

What does ISO 27001 stand for and why so many companies decide to comply?

The standard in question is a world renowned set of rules and requirements for Information Security Management Systems that are put in place at companies of various sizes to ensure data security and proper risk management at all times. It has been created as a way to certify companies that take every precaution they can to ensure data security and are in that sense above many of their market competitors. More and more companies decide to comply to the ISO 27001 standard because they see not only the competitive aspect of it all, but most of all, the benefits that it brings to the company. Despite complying to the norm is a hard and lengthy process, there is clear evidence that ISO can help protect information and it can bring profit to the company as well.

What does ISO 27001 actually do for data security?

Creating an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS is a smart way of protecting your company from many risks that lay ahead – with cyberattacks being more and more frequent regardless the industry, knowing where are your weakest points and what can be done to set them secure is the first step of ensuring information security. The international norm was created in a way that everyone can use it to their advantage – it basically helps you spot your weaknesses and improve them in a controlled and manageable way. Once you implement ISO 27001, you will notice that everyone keeps track of their duties and there is no confusion on what data actually needs protection or who is responsible for it. This means improved structure of your company which is a benefit in itself.