Ergotech or Ergohuman – which office chair suits you best

An ergonomic office chair is always an investment worth making. Whether it’s for a company office space or your private home office, there’s never an excuse to sit uncomfortably and suffer from back pains caused by an incorrect posture. You don’t even necessarily need to work 8+ hours a day at the desk to feel the difference that an ergonomic chair makes. With so many models available on the market, which one will be the best choice? 

Ergotech or Ergohuman – which office chair suits you best?

Ergotech is the type of office chair that seems to be unbelievably comfortable and ergonomic from the very beginning. Similar to another Unique design, the Ergohuman, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing proper sitting conditions for 8+ hours workdays. And that’s what is most important when you’re choosing your first or next office chair. The looks are not everything if the chair doesn’t offer proper support to your back, your lumbar, the neck. If you’ve ever experienced back pains while working at the desk, your chair is probably not that ergonomic or it’s not adjusted properly. Both the Ergotech and Ergohuman models provide adequate support for the entire body while being fully adjustable to meet any user’s needs. 

The Ergotech is the most basic, yet fully ergonomic desk chair that one might need when looking for an office chair to fit the company’s office or a home office. It has fully adjustable backrest pieces (lumbar and neck support can be adjusted separately) as well as adjustable height, armrests and depth of the seat. With a mesh panel at the back, it’s fully breathable, even on the hottest of days, and offers comfort while sitting at the desk, no matter the conditions. It was also built with the Synchron self-weighing mechanism to enable the user easy adjustment of the chair position. 

The Ergohuman, on the other hand, is an excellent office chair with a three-part fully-adjustable backrest for the best sitting conditions. Available with a matching footrest and laptop, it is the full ergonomic experience you might be looking for. The manufacturer’s goal was to create a perfect, universal piece of furniture that can easily go into any office space and be freely adjusted to the worker’s needs as much as necessary. With the parts that are adjustable and moving, you can almost change the entire shape of the chair according to your needs. It will be perfect for you if you love an easy-to-adjust system, full control over the setup of the chair and the ability to change positions while working or resting.

Key features of Ergotech and Ergohuman office chairs

With the Unique-style design, which always aims for a modern and a little bit futuristic look, the Ergotech chair is perfectly suited as a desk chair in a crowded office space as well as a stand-alone piece in a boss office. Available in three colorways, with a black or white seat and backrest and black, white or silver base, it looks stylish, yet simple. Elegant, but ergonomic. One could definitely say it’s not the classic leather-chair look that you look out for in a grand office. However, when it comes to comfortable working conditions, it can’t be beaten. 

The same goes for the Ergohuman – a model designed specifically to fulfill any needs that may come up when working at the desk for many hours a day. Most people, even with their best efforts, can’t sit in one position for 8+ hours without getting tired or feeling pain. The Ergohuman has an adjustable backrest, lumbar support, headrest and armrests, with which you can make the chair uniquely yours.