How much value your home renovation really add

Renovating a home that you live in is always an exciting and stressful time where you need to make decisions that will affect both your comfort and the value of your home. While some renovations will definitely increase it and make the house easy to sell when you decide to do so, others can decrease it and make the house difficult to put on the estate market. So how much value can your home renovation really add and what to do if you want to increase it?

Which parts of the house are worth renovating?

Generally speaking, any renovation should be seen as an upgrade and should raise the value of your house. However, there are some parts that will be worth investing in the most. One of those is definitely a kitchen, which is what most people take a close look at when they search for a house. Your kitchen should be modern and stylish, yet minimalistic so that it fits everyone’s needs and is more practical than designer. Remember that for most people it is the place that needs to have everything easy to reach and it should be as functional as possible.

Another great room that is worth investing in is your bathroom – new appliances, fresh towel racks and modern bath or shower make a huge difference and are so photogenic, people won’t even care if other rooms are looking worse.

Last, but certainly not least, we must mention the spaces you don’t usually use, e.g. your attic and basement. Have you ever thought how much wasted space you actually have if you use them just as storage? Obviously, some storage space is necessary at every house, but there are so many ways you can make those rooms better, add square meters to your house and actually use them for more than just box piles!

How to make the renovations stand out

Just like with any major building works, you can’t forget that the simpler you go, the more you gain. Why add a luxurious, one of a kind bath that will ruin your budget, if you could create an entire additional bathroom instead by utilising the square meters of your basement? Two bathrooms and four bedrooms always look better in the offer and can actually make the buyers interested in the property. If you never plan to leave, adding personal touches can be great, but try doing so with décor and accessories, not the things that actually make the house value.