If you are a medical service professional you should know, that this is the time when you will start you international career. Paragona is a medical recruitment organizations, which provides work in the UK, France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Paragona works since 2002 and during those years achieved many successes, the organization provided 1,000 jobs, and in many newspapers and portals you can read about the success of their medical staff. All you have to do is apply and follow the process of recruitment.

Finally you will have the opportunity to meet the employer and sign a contract. Paragona organizes training that will provide you the proper preparation and knowledge. As well your family will receive the Paragona assistance if they will only decide to move with you. Today, throughout Europe we are looking for specialists in many fields.

This is the chance that you can obtain your work dreams, opportunities for development and a decent life. Do not hesitate and apply on the Paragona website today. The recruiters should contact you soon.

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Address: Al. Jana Pawła II 29, Atrium Plaza, lobby C, 00-867 Warsaw, Poland

Phone numbers: +48 22 653 66 80


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