Unique medical jobs in Europe – give yourself a chance to boost your career

There are many ways to work in the medical field. Becoming a nurse, a GP, a specialist – every country has universities and they all teach roughly the same. You might feel that once you choose your direction, you won’t be able to change it. That’s not true. There are many unique medical jobs in Europe that attract doctors from all over the world. Let’s see how you could give yourself a chance to boost your career in medicine by applying to a job abroad.

A psychiatrist with no perspectives?

Psychiatry is one of the few medical professions that needs a specific crowd in order to give you patients. In some European countries, Poland being one of the examples, therapy and psychiatry are still a taboo subject, although the trends are slightly shifting now. However, if you feel like you finished psychiatry and now have no real job perspectives, try applying for a job abroad. Places like Sweden and France are very open and psychiatrists are always in high demand.

Relocation could be a hard thing to do, especially if you already have a family and don’t want to move without them, but once you decide and go through with it, your career will reach a whole new level.

Family medicine can be a good thing

General practitioners are always seen as lesser doctors than specialists. This is definitely not true, however, and in fact many countries treat GPs better than they would your average specialist. Imagine that in Sweden, GPs earn more than doctors in hospitals and countries like France, Sweden and the UK are always open to give opportunities to foreign doctors. This is a career changing decision for you, but a benefit to your career as well as the healthcare system of your destination country. Remember that you can always learn something new and with slightly different techniques and medical conditions from country to country, you could do yourself and your patients a good deed.

Paediatric oncology

Oncology is always an overwhelming career path, with sick kids surrounding you all the time. But think how much good you could do if you decided to apply for a position in Sweden. With their world renowned healthcare system and possibly the best doctors in the world, your career would get a boost and you would get the job satisfaction you always wished for. Plus, you might just get a chance to help hundreds of children by attending courses and further expanding your knowledge.