Where to buy chemical reagents?

Shopping for chemical reagents is a tricky matter. Certainty that all the substances are tested, legal and safe to use is key and because of that only certified shops are to be trusted. Getting certified to run a reagents shop is not an easy process, but once you get there, opportunities open. Most shops offer materials for both individual and business clients, supplying laboratories in schools as well as private and government facilities. Their offers vary according to the specification of the shop – some of them focus on particular types of substances, while others provide a wide range to satisfy all clients. Here are some ready to use chemical reagents available on the market.

Analytical reagents

ACS grade reagents and solvents are one of the purest, uncontaminated chemical substances. Destined for laboratory analysis, solvents must meet certain requirements set by the A.C.S. The requirements are there to prevent any inaccuracies during analysis and stop a possible cross-reaction with substances contaminating the reagents. One of the most popular analytical reagents include 2-Propanol, Acetonitrile, Chloroform, Ethyl acetate, Acetone and Toulene. They are all available for small, individual purposes as well as bigger, industrial orders.

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Diagnostic reagents

Diagnostic reagents are mainly used in diagnostic, bacteriological, cytological, histological and hematological laboratories. Used to check for any imbalances and anomalies on the cellular level, diagnostic reagents play a huge part in everyday healthcare. Diagnostic reagents include formaldehyde, acetone, glycerine, hydrochloric acid and Bertrand’s reagent. They too have to meet A.C.S requirements and regulations.


Including enzymes, hormones and pheromones, biochemicals are used in both laboratory environment and as natural pesticides. Biochemicals are substances that could possibly occur in natural environment, but shops offer both natural and manufactured reagents. Abscisic, dehydroabietic and usnic acids are a great example of biochemicals available in certified reagent shops. Some biochemicals are hazardous substances and shops may be required to get legal permission to sell them.

Carbohydrates, reagent solutions and technical reagents are also a staple in both specialised chemical reagent shops and laboratories across the globe. All of the substances mentioned are sold in safe containers suitable for transportation and storage of chemicals. Most shops offering chemical reagents leave it for the buyer to decide on the amount of the substance bought, although there may be limitations put on particular reagents. There is a lot of uncertified products on the market so making sure that the reagents bought are verified and legal is key for accuracy and safety of any chemical procedures.