How to effectively implement magnetic file folders in order to successfully organise the office?

Magnetic folders are designed for storing single documents, thick catalogues, as well as all kinds of conference and advertising materials. They are available in various formats and can be implemented in every office, improving its functionality. Magnetic folders can accommodate a large stack of documents, and allow the user to keep a whole collection of single sheets of paper in order.

The advantages of organising the office space with magnetic file folders

Magnetic file folders are an efficient tool to keep the paperwork in the office organised and easily accessible. They offer document protection and help saving space. Moreover, the magnetic file folders can increase productivity in the office, all while being extremely cost-effective.

Easy access

The implementation of the magnetic file folders help to keep the documents neatly organised and thoroughly labelled. In effect the access to the important documents is much easier and more comfortable for each employee in the office.

Document protection

The magnetic file folders can successfully protect all office documents from any damage and deterioration. They ensure the safety, security, and legibility of all the stored files.

Saving the space

By implementing the magnetic file folders in the office, it is possible to reduce clutter and keep the working area more organised. The folders allow saving a lot of space. Due to that feature, they are especially useful in small offices.

Increasing the productivity

By helping with the organisation of the documents and paperwork, the magnetic file folders facilitate time saving, which can lead to the increase of productivity in the office. The employees do not need to waste time and energy searching for important records and are much more likely to work smoothly and effectively.

Magnetic file folders


The magnetic file folders facilitate the work in the office. At the same time they are a very cost-effective solution, especially compared to electronic storage systems. They are a perfect choice for the companies with smaller budgets, as well as for the home offices.

Where to order the magnetic file folders?

High quality magnetic file folders can be ordered from MILO Group – a family business with over 30 years of experience on the market that specialises in the production of premium rigid box packaging. The company is constantly developing and continues to search for better solutions in order to satisfy the needs of its clients. The production is environmentally friendly and powered by renewable energy sources, mainly the company’s own photovoltaic farm.b All MILO Group’s products are made of ecological raw materials with FSC certificates. Clients searching for magnetic file folders will find a wide range of customizable products that will allow them to better organise the office space according to their individual needs.

Why is it best to customize the magnetic file folders?

By choosing to customize the magnetic file folders, the clients can be sure to receive a product fitted for their individual needs. They can choose the exact measurements of the folders – height, width, and depth – as well as the colours, design, and protection applied to a solid board used to create them. The two available types of protection are:

  • the anti-scratch film – a scratch resistant and cost-effective coating which protects the folder from the mechanical damages to its surface,
  • the UV varnish that offers a high quality gloss hard finish and has the capability to bring the artwork designs to life.

Customized magnetic file folders are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. They can improve the work in the office, while simultaneously elevating its visuals.