PR package – how to make a positive impression as a company?

PR package is a marketing tool utilized by many companies. It is used to attract the attention of social media personalities and encourage them to make unboxing videos or talk about the product in any other way. Sending PR packages and getting exposure from the internet celebrities is important for boosting sales, as almost 80% of all consumers take inspiration from social media posts to buy products from brands they didn’t know before.

What is a PR package? 

A PR package is a package containing carefully selected products from the brand’s catalog. It is sent to celebrities, athletes, bloggers, and social media influencers in hopes of them interacting with the products and sharing that experience with their followers. Those who have a big following can help the brand gain organic exposure on social media platforms. PR package is a marketing tool used to boost the brand’s visibility and enhance the products’ sales. For it to be effective, however, it is important to send it to people who are relevant to the brand’s target demographic, as only that way the product can receive good exposure. 

PR Package


The content of a PR package

A PR package with the ability to attract the attention of influencers and celebrities and entice them to create internet posts regarding the product needs to have customized content and contain a media kid. Additionally, it should include an expression of gratitude. 

Customized content 

The content of a PR package should be customized to best suit each influencer’s interests and needs. It is also best to match it to their social media presence and the type of created content. Making sure the PR package’s content is personalized is relatively easy, yet it can go a long way and lead to many advantages, presenting the brand with plenty of benefits. 

Media kit 

A PR package needs to include a media kit, which contains information about the brand and product, including the instructions of how to use it. It helps the brand make a good impression and come out more professional. Thanks to the media kit, influencers can remember the product better and are more likely to share a word about it on their social media. 

Expression of gratitude 

It is a good idea to add a personalized “thank you” note to each PR package. It allows the brand to express gratitude for the interest the influencer have shown in the product and helps leave a good impression. 

How to make a good impression with a PR package? 

For a PR package to make a good impression, not only its content needs to be excellent, but also the packaging. It should be attractive, eye-catching, yet classy, to make the recipient interested even before they know what the product inside really is. Luxury packaging is enticing and makes the whole package seem more appealing. Finally, it has the power to encourage the influencers and other celebrities who received the PR package to make an unboxing video which leads to the product exposure and fosters a considerable involvement from the social media followers. 

How to pack a PR package?  

Luxury rigid boxes make for a great packaging for a PR package. They are an extremely useful marketing tool, as they have the ability to elevate the product and make it stand out. Moreover, luxury rigid boxes insulate, preserve, and protect the items placed inside them from exterior damage, as well as high humidity and the extreme temperature, making sure they stay intact through shipping and storing. This type of packaging is invaluable when it comes to product promotion. It is fully customizable and can be embellished with personalized messages or patterns with the use of embossing, debossing or UV varnishing.