How to pack a present? Various ideas

There are many occasions for giving gifts. Holidays such as Christmas, birthdays and name days, anniversaries, as well as some special days, for example Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and many more. Giving a gift is also a way to celebrate someone’s success. As a result presents are often gifted for graduations and in case of promotions at work. How to prepare a perfect present? How to pack a gift to make it look stylish?

How to prepare a perfect present?

A perfect present should be well-thought and matched to the interests and needs of the recipient, as well as to their sense of humor, especially if it is something humorous aimed to improve their mood. Giving the gift is a way to show care and attention, which is why the perfect present should be personalized. Originality of thought can express the feelings towards the recipient and make them feel special. It is important to remember that a present will not be perfect without a perfect packaging that suits the occasion and makes the gift appear more desirable.

Ways to pack a present

Presents can be packed in many different ways. Typically they are placed in gift bags which often are designed for a specific occasion. A lot of gift givers use wrapping paper and frequently decorate it with colorful bows and ribbons. A great way to pack a present is to use a special gift box. This type of packaging can elevate the elegance of the gift and make it appear more luxurious. Gift boxes that create a terrific unboxing experience for the receiver are mostly magnetic lid boxes and packaging window boxes, which are perfect for such products as alcoholic beverages, perfume, cosmetics, and small electronics.

How to wrap a present well and easily?

In order to wrap a present with wrapping paper and obtain a satisfactory result, it is recommended to follow a few easy steps.

  1. Prepare a large, flat surface.
  2. Gather gift-wrapping materials.
  3. Place a gift in a box and secure the lid with a tape.
  4. Measure the right amount of wrapping paper by rolling it out, placing the box in the middle of it, and bringing the paper up one side and over the top of the gift, all the way to the opposite edge.
  5. Cut the necessary amount of paper with long, even cuts.
  6. Center the box on the paper.
  7. Bring one side of the paper up and halfway across the top and affix it to the box by a piece of tape.
  8. Bring the other side of the paper up in a way it overlaps with the first one and affix it to the box with a piece of tape.
  9. Fold the paper on each side of the box to create triangle wings.
  10. Flatten the paper wings against the box and affix them with a piece of tape.
  11. Add decorative elements such as ribbons, bows, and gift tags.

A piece of advice: to obtain a cleaner look, it is best to use double-sided tape.

What to avoid while packing the presents?

The things that need to be avoided while packing presents, are:

  • leaving excess wrapping paper, which makes the gift look sloppy,
  • wrapping boxes facing up, which leaves the seaming on top,
  • crossing the decorative ribbons on the bottom of the box, which creates a bulge that prevents the gift from standing flat,
  • affixing the tape to the surface of the giftbox, which can damage its surface.

Before wrapping the present it is also necessary not to forget to remove the price tag from the gifted item.