Protein supplements – whey

Intensive physical effort related to strength training causes a greater demand for nutrients supporting the process of development and regeneration of tissues. In order to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, it is primarily necessary to follow a proper diet. Sometimes, however, this is not enough and the use of supplements is required.

Types of protein supplements

Among the various dietary supplements for athletes, protein supplements are very popular. There are many types of this type of preparation that differ in form, taste, protein content and source of its origin. On the market you can find protein supplements based on a vegetable protein that can be used by vegans. Still, the most common are protein supplements based on animal proteins. The most popular preparations from this group are WPC, WPI and WPH supplements.

  • WPC (short for Whey Protein Concentrate) is a protein concentrate obtained by micro- and ultrafiltration method from whey – a product obtained from cow’s milk. The preparation contains 85% protein, including many exogenous amino acids. The remaining 15% of the supplement contains sugars, fats and aromas, which determine its high taste qualities, which are one of the main advantages of this type of supplement. WTC is also characterized by very good solubility and a relatively low price, which significantly affects the popularity of this type of product.
  • WPI (short for Whey Protein Isolate) is obtained by cross-flow microfiltration and contains 95% of protein, including much more essential amino acids than WPC-type nutrients. Fats and sugars constitute only 3% of the content of WPI preparations, which contributes to their extremely fast absorption.
  • WPH (short for Whey Protein Hydrolyzate) are proteins obtained from whey protein in the process of hydrolysis, i.e. reduction of long peptide chains. They are easily digestible, and they are absorbed almost immediately after consuming the preparation. Protein supplements from the WPH group contain up to 100% of protein, characterized by excellent solubility.

How to supplement with protein supplements?

The method of supplementation with protein supplements depends on the demand and the type of protein preparation used. In the case of WPC supplements, which are characterized by a relatively long absorption time of two to four hours, supplementation should be carried out before the planned training. WPI supplements characterized by rapid absorption can be successfully used after training, while WPH supplements, which cause a large insulin release and accelerate the recovery process after intense exercise, are ideal for use both immediately before and after training.

The convenient formula of the powder makes whey protein supplements very easy to prepare and easy to store. Natural whey protein powder is the perfect solution for active, busy people and for those who want to use simplified but effective methods.

When is the use of protein supplements recommended?

The recommendations related to the use of protein supplements differ depending on the type of preparation used.

The use of WPC protein supplements

WPC protein supplements are recommended for both amateur trainers and those who are just starting protein supplementation. It works in supplementing dietary deficiencies and is excellent support in the regeneration and rebuilding of the body after exercise. By using WPC supplements, you can protect your muscles during reduction, as well as support their expansion in the phase of mass development.

The use of WPI protein supplements

Supplements from the WPI group are nutrients intended primarily for people who want to quickly build muscle mass. Protein isolate, due to its accelerating metabolism, can also be used by people who want to reduce body fat. WPI supplements also strengthen the immune system, improving the body’s immunity.

The use of WPH protein supplements

Protein supplements of the WPH type are recommended for people advanced in terms of training and experienced in the use of dietary supplements for athletes. WPH works well both in the process of building muscle mass and reducing body fat.

Due to the content of animal protein, WPC, WPI and WPH supplements are not recommended for people who follow a vegan diet. Moreover, people with lactose intolerance should refrain from taking WPC. WPI and WPH supplements, due to their composition, are safe for people allergic to milk sugar.